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Bali Silent Retreat

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Penatahan, Tabanan
Indonesia, 82152
+62 852 3734 7608


Build a Silent Retreat Center for Prayer and Meditation

Who’s to say when or how or why we’re called to do what we do, but after much personal resistance, and a vision of 2 mountains, water, and hot-springs, by Patricia, a retired American living in Bali, . . . . the “where” search began. Serendipitous events rolled into play, including a generous donation from a philanthropist in Switzerland. The Balinese family owning the 4 hectares of land at the base of the mountain, also had a vision to protect their holy land for future generations.

A very unique partnership for 100 years was forged. With the blessing and support of the land owners, Patricia and Sang Tu, a Balinese visionary, co-founded and built Balinese Silent Retreat: vision & mission (including silence and non-denominational prayer), high-end-ashram ambiance, green-to-the-extreme standards for both the environment and fresh organic cuisine.

The collaborative partnership continues and more guests feel the magic of the land, consider a new way to look at the world and how they live, and then return to their home country to share the magic.

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Penatahan, Tabanan, 82152

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Advert ID: 145
Hits: 2244
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