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46617 Dahab, South Sinai


We adopt a new philosophy which breaks the traditional approach of teaching diving. Our approach is to replace the previous ‘Instructor / Student’ relationship with a ‘Team’ approach where the student becomes involved in all aspects of the dive – from planning to execution. By applying this team approach during the course our students learn to embrace the value of working as team players from the very beginning. In doing so they maximize both the safety and enjoyment of their diving, but this attitude also carries over when they leave the water.

By being involved in the complete diving experience our trainees are better prepared to plan and execute dives; which increases their confidence as technical divers and team members. Instructor candidates, both recreational and technical, will also be better prepared to organize and teach courses.

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46617 Dahab, South Sinai

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Advert ID: 173
Hits: 1826
Expires: 2025-02-19 20:39:00
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