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Jalan Bimasena Lingk Anyar Kerobokan, Bali Indonesia
Indonesia, 80361
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All our products are plastic-free – from manufacturing all the way through to packaging and store placement. The natural, organic ingredients used in our products makes them safe to use and kind to the environment.

The problem with plastic mainly originates from single-use plastic. Also known as disposable plastics, single-use plastics are those that are used only once before being thrown away. These include items such as plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles and more food packaging. Whilst some of these can be recycled, most are unrecyclable. This issue is not isolated – it is a worldwide problem.

While plastic pollution effects much of our environment, it’s the oceans and sea life that are most impacted. With billions of pounds of plastic found in swirling convergences that make up about 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces, at this current rate, plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050. Plastic is also so durable that according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every bit of plastic ever made still exists. In addition, all five of the Earth’s major ocean currents are inundated with plastic pollution. The largest one has been dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But it’s not limited to the currents; studies estimate there are 15–51 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans — from the equator to the poles, from Arctic ice sheets to the sea floor. Not one square mile of surface ocean anywhere on earth is free of plastic pollution.

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Jalan Bimasena Lingk Anyar Kerobokan, Bali Indonesia, 80361

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Advert ID: 229
Hits: 2406
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