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Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage

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1801 Century Park East, 24th Floor, Los Angeles, CA
United States of America
(310) 598-7833
(800) 408-0455


Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage’s extensive experience in corporate aviation brings exceptional expertise to those interested in aircraft charter, appraisals, acquisitions and sales. Whether you are chartering, buying or selling an aircraft, we can make sure that the transaction goes smoothly and professionally.

Aircraft Charter
Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage is an Aircraft Charter Brokerage Company. As a broker, we don’t own or operate our own aircraft. This gives us the distinct advantage of having abundantly more aircraft at our disposal, than a charter operator who only uses their standard fleet. Read More »Appraisal Services

Our appraisers are certified by the National Aircraft Appraisal Association NAAA, the organization which sets the standard for industry-wide aircraft valuation, to provide the most precise information. The appraisers at Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage conduct a thorough on-site inspection of the aircraft interior, exterior, a review of all logbooks and historical records, and an extensive computer database research provided by the NAAA, which is updated daily.

Buying a business jet is a complex, highly-specialized process. For a smooth, confident purchase, we encourage you to add Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage’s knowledge and experience to your acquisition team. Read More »

Putting a business jet up for sale is a complex, specialized process. Join the many aircraft owners who Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage has helped to realize the maximum value from the sale of their business aircraft.

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United States of America
1801 Century Park East, 24th Floor, Los Angeles, CA

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Advert ID: 104
Hits: 4476
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